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######Oliver Gilbert new at Asvito Consulting as Managing Partner ######

"Sound strategy starts with having the right goal."

- Michael Porter

  • Welcome to Asvito Holding

    The approach to long-term investment in niche markets is our goal to success. The focus is on continuous value creation in close partnership with the management of the portfolio companies for up to a decade. Following this strategy and exploiting the company’s major strength, a highly capable and independent team that holds a strong network, the Asvito Holding has already established three independent companies: Asvito Trading, Asvito Consulting and Asvito Light.

  • Asvito Trading

    The activities of ASVITO Trading encompass the management of trading initiatives and investment in other trading companies. Find out more about our approach or visit our companies Isostrade and USF Intertex.

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  • Asvito Consulting

    ASVITO Consulting provides high-level consulting in Information Technology, Change Management and Business Processes to small, medium and large corporations. Find out more about our service offerings and our support.

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  • Asvito Light

    ASVITO Light is engaged in large-scale LED projects and primarily works on projects for energy efficient lighting solutions. Find out more about our operations on an international platform or visit our website in Italy.

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