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8. December 2017

Asvito Light

USF Intertex

Isostrade and USF strenghten their team

1. December 2017

Claudio Piccirillo joins ISOSTRADE und USF as new Manager Logistics.

Mr. Piccirillo has more than 10 years of experiences as manager logistics. We are fully confinced to further improve our service levels with his engagement and dedication.


Streetlights with eSave

24. November 2017

All streetlights are now ready to be upgraded with the new intelligent control eSAVE. Feel free to join a demonstration in February 2018 in our showroom at Asvito Light in Zug.


We warmly welcome …

1. November 2017

… our new employees Nicole Rohner, Sales at USF Intertex SA and Rocco Verrelli, Key Account and Product Manager at Isostrade AG.


Successful Introduction of the Brand TukTuk within Coop

15. October 2017

With a first sale, which was sold out after 3 weeks, the brand was successfully introduced in Coop City houses.

TukTuk is a new, fashionable sock brand that will certainly make a splash in the future.

Visit the Coop City shoe department near you.

Crearreda exclusive at ISOSTRADE

1. October 2017

The Wall Stickers inventors

Crearreda‘s history began with the idea that the illustrator and painter Tiziana Bramati shared with her husband and entrepeneur Giuseppe Botta: design a series of decorations to be applied to the walls of their children’s bedroom.

Therefore, in 1992, with the help of Giuseppe’s brother, Francesco Botta, Crearreda becomes a business, designing and presenting to the market the first series of Wall Stickers. Since then the company has focused its work to research and development of innovative materials and technologies, values that, together with the Made in Italy Design excellence, make the Crearreda Catalogue unique.

A vast range of high quality products and the methodical customer service coordination are the distinctive traits of Crearreda, alongside with the capability of making On Demand prints in any format and on any surface material desired.

In fact, production is almost entirely manufactured by Crearreda‘s headquarters at San Giuliano Milanese in Italy, through high technology digital printers that garantee speed, flexibility and remarkable possibilities of experimentation and innovation.

Meanwhile Crearreda expands its business, establishing itself also internationally, being distributed in more than 20 contries, specially in the DIY channel.

After 25 years of experience, Crearreda became a reference in the market, constantly projected into the future

Newly available: built-in lights in GU10

7. November 2016

Newly available: built-in lights in GU10 which can be dimmed

Isostrade Jewelry Box

13. July 2016

Isostrade launches new product line: Store your precious memories in our new Jewelry Box!

LED Bulkhead IP54

11. July 2016

NEW! Flat LED Bulkhead Light with IP54 Cover for wall or ceiling installations!

Isostrade certificate frame

3. June 2016

Make the most out of your diploma certificate and present it in one of our high-quality frames! Please contact us for an individual consultation.